property management

Property Management

Imagine if we are investing our wholesome savings in real estate, what we expect in return is always profit. Yeah ! i.e., investment on property has always been fruitful, even the returns we get from the property are time tested. Being an owner is quite proud isn’t it? But keeping your property as it is seems little tough?? Of course, safeguarding is the toughest process ever. We have read in news daily regarding exploitation of unoccupied or vacant properties. Usually rogue and law breakers with an intention to misuse these kind of properties are have become common in our society. How can we create a guard for our property from all the miscreants? Answer is obvious that we have to monitor and take care it regularly, as there is no shortcuts for that.Everyone have dreamt about buying a own house, villa or apartment from their own savings, may or may no be a brand new one sometimes it may be a contemporary, or traditional one with a good intention to spend your retired life or else , after your long back NRI life , or your future home where you wish to spend the rest of your life with your family in an enthusiastic manner. Although, you bought it as a good investment or as an asset, would you ever think about of it becoming a liability due to improper maintenance ? or else do you think that kept unused means it will remain as it is and its beauty will never fade away? Whether the property is as it is? Or else it is being vandalized or exploited? Damaged due to heat and rain? Are the windows intact? Are there any creatures nesting or making burrows in your windows or sun shades? Being the owner, do feel scary how to take care of all these if you are out of town??? There we are, we act for you in your physical absence! Ctree, we will be a complete care taker for your property, a guardian of your property

  • How we monitor your property? Ctree are pioneers in this field who provide premium services to our clients. We visit your property at regular intervals, and if the customer is needed, we will take photographs and or video and send via e-mail or whatsup it to you. If the you have any concerns on protection of your property we will be taking care any concerns on specific issues regarding the property can be highlighted to us and we will pay attention to it by deploying professional Property managers at your convenience. Along with that we deploy employees as caretakers for the regular maintenance of property.
  • Ctree Property Management Services –Who we are ? Taking care of these property are usually a hectic process because most of you will not be able come over to monitor it frequently in your busy schedule so usually you will be relaying on your friends or relatives for this to to be done. As it is the clever idea to leave it to some hands which is more trustable, but will it work ??? In fact they too are busy with their own life segments so they may not spare enough time on behalf of friendship on any other relationships, still they will find time just for name sake, because of practical issues as well as priority issues. Due to this situational impact we are able to provide you a hand of professional help. Traditionally, Close relatives or friends have been taking care of the properties always. However, Property Management by professional firms are quite new to us as the property management by a 3rd party is uncommon in India. Good property management firms ensures a number of things that assures the complete management of a property. It improves the happiness of our clients who owns the property. As it is very stressful on people to manage all these assets in their hectic schedules. There we are! Providing good property management to our customers significantly improves their quality of life. CTree Property Management Services Pvt.Ltd., emphasizes in taking care of your beloved property with utmost care even at your absence ensuring your trust that your property is safe and well maintained. Ctree Property Management Services has over 03 years of expertise in Property management field. Our efficient team and wide network makes us get the work done efficiently helping you save time and cost. We expertise in Home Repair, Renovation , Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, Rain water Harvesting, Solar pane installation, Modular Kitchen, Flooring, Professional Cleaning and more, with a honest team o request of our customers. We offer these services to our Property Management Clients. Ctree Property Management Pvt. Ltd. is a company that serves the property management requirements of the individuals in India. No matter what aspect of property management you need our services for, rest assured that our group is always ready to be of service. We are a Palakkad based firm with branch offices at Coimbatore, we offers a multitude of which ranges from commercial and residential. We have a professional group, comprised of men and women in the property management industry who have an extensive knowledge and expertise in the field as well. We utilize this talents and commitment in order to help the clients in India and abroad, and make pretty sure that as our customers have smiling faces and feel secured about their life time investments. Apart from our professional team, we are providing a handful of services at your convenience. And as such, we are one among the best at this industry we have the caliber of bringing out you the wide range of services. We are well equipped so as to be time saver to you because everything you need for your property management requirements is made available through us. In addition to our reliable services offered to you, we are also committed in serving our clients to the level best of our varied skills and abilities. This makes us stand apart from all our competitors that we offers high-end professional services at time and cost effectiveness.
  • Why we? • In-house Accounting Department. • Rapid, Responsive Customer Service Team • Highly Visible In-house and On-site Property Managers • Professional Operations Manager • Dedicated Network System Administrator • Attentive Support Staff of Assistant Property Managers and Office Assistants • We have our own team of cleaners, security staff, drivers, plumbers, electrician, pesticide and manual labors. • Well-equipped and advanced machineries and equipment’s. • We work on a fully stacked and systematic work flow to track all the work flow and report generation systems. We regularly update our systems to the current sophistication.. • We recruit our staff members only after through scrutiny verifying all their credentials including their family background and appoint only the right candidates. • 24/7 customer care facility is available.
  • How to avail our services at your finger tip? You can mail us to our e-mail id, or else please feel free to ring at us and share your details like Property Location and proper address should be provided along with land mark. Our supervisor will be there at our convenience and once they inspect we will able to quote the service charges for you on your requirements. The charges depend on the area, location and the work involved. Ctree Property Management Services has its Head office in Chandra Nagar in Palakkad and covers most parts of Palakkad and Coimbatore. We have grown to a trusted name in Property Management field. We are the best in providing various comprehensive property management services and we offer a wide range of solutions mainly to Non Resident Indians ( NRI ) Clients and who are staying away from their home town with an anxiety on their lifetime investments. Address: CTree Property Management Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Floor Khloe complex Chandranagar, palakkad-678007 Kerala, India